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AT- MF Trail Commission Recon

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What is MF Recon?

The MF Trail commission platform enables Financial Advisors and Distributors to add value in recurring brokerage amount by managing their clients MF investments. This System provides a desired result post validating the commission amount from both the sides. It helps in streamlining the differences & enables commission tracking. It improves an efficiency & effectiveness of the overall MF Business and reduces administrative burdens and manual work. AT-MF Trail commission Recon tool runs as an auto pilot systern & provides an Output along with Exceptions, which can easily coordinate with respective Stakeholders to resolve the queries on time.

Trail Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the assets under management of the distributor and payable quarterly. We are providing solutions on 3 types of Reconciliation AUM Recon, Trail commission Recon & Transaction level Recon. All the permutation and combinations are already built in rule engine to provide desired output with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, there is a customized option available to compute the Trail commission for Sub Agents on the.basisof business as well as by referring the structure. The exceptions are identified and highlighted to respective stake holders and manages the hold-release transactions. There is no any manual intervention required to compute and calculate the Trail commission, the user needs to work on exceptions only which are identified and highlighted by our Software Solutions.


  • Value Creation
  • Portability
  • Incentivizes Long-Term Relationships
  • Business Growth
  • Ongoing Revenue

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