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Payment Gateway Reconciliation

What is Payment Gateway Recon?

There is dependency on multiple Payment Gateways & having multiple MIDs (Merchant Identification) makes it even more complicated to manage & standardize Payment Gateway Reconciliation. Payment Options are available in Market like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallet, UPI etc.
Our Payment Gateway Reconciliation Tool allows reconciling & managing the Collections & Payments for transactions from various Intermediaries, Switches or Payment Gateways (PG) by considering all available Payment Options. It allows the complete flexibility to manage recon at consolidated level & also at transaction level Recon.

PG Reconciliation

Payment Gateway reconciliation is an integral part of any e-commerce company today. In absence of strong Payment Gateway Reconciliation process, company can lose a lot of money. Our Recon tool helps clients to effectively manage the entire Recon.

PG Reconciliation is a tedious & time-consuming task for companies due to the diversified files from entities, which need to convert in structured format, massaging the data, downloading those from mails, verifying settlement amounts and data of PG files, verifying Collections & Settlements from bank accounts, doing extensive and managing exceptions.

PG Recon


  • Fund Recon
  • Exception Management