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  • Class Management System
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    AalzaTech Software Solutions specializes in providing innovative software solutions. Our flagship product, InovClass Class Management System, offers the following key features:

  • Secure data storage
  • Streamlined fee collection
  • Value-added student services
  • Performance updates via WhatsApp, emails, and SMS
  • Easy parent meeting organization
  • Real-time absenteeism communication

With AalzaTech, you can achieve seamless fee management and effective stakeholder communication. Our solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and meet the unique needs of institutions. Experience the power of InovClass Class Management System for efficient fee management and improved communication.

Student Management

Student management involves the comprehensive organization, tracking, and administration of Students Details within an Educational Institution.


Student attendance allows users (typically teachers or administrators) to record and manage attendance data for students attending classes.

Teachers Management

Teacher attendance involves tracking teacher details, assigning subjects and classes, monitoring workload, and calculating their salaries.

Payment Integration

Payment integration involves integrating third-party payment gateways that enable secure online payment processing.

Bulk Fee Request

Bulk Fee Request enables administrators or users to generate and manage multiple student fee requests simultaneously.

Secure data storage

Implementing robust encryption techniques to ensure that student data is stored in an Obfuscated format.

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