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AT-Commission Payout

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AT-Commission Payout

The Dealer commission is bifurcated in two parts - one is Sourcing, and another is a Collection part.
The Business which was made in previous month / Quarter will be taken in consideration to compute and calculate the "Dealer Commission" based on Channel Partners Eligibility, KYC, Risk assessments, Subvention etc.

Our Software has intelligence to calculate the exact Commission to be settled to respective Dealers as per the defined locations or as a Group Settlement by considering available frequencies. The Hold- Release mechanism is built to adjust or recover the consumptions. The 3-Way recon is established to validate the funds in Book, Bank & Bank Statement as well. The settlement reports are available handy to view and download.

This is an automated Solution for Dealer Commission calculation by applying logics and fundamentals by referring grids / structures. Therefore user does not need to put efforts on daily basis to calculate the commission manually.

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